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Strengthening Fingers with Clothes Pegs

I purchased some medium sized art pegs.  They’re about half the size of a clothes peg but if you can’t get these, a clothes peg will work fine. The student needs to make a curved ‘Pacman’ shape with their thumb and first finger on the peg (has to be that curved ‘C’ shape for this &hellip Continue reading »

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Bow Hold Buddies™ – Dianna Denley’s review

I recently purchased some of Ruth and Martha Brons’ wonderful Bow Hold Buddies™.  Their website ‘Things for Strings’ is listed in my links column (as ‘Bow Hold Buddies’). What are Bow Hold Buddies™?  A FANTASTIC idea designed to help students develop their bow hold with ease, with the assistance of some buddies (photos from the Things for &hellip Continue reading »

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