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Violin Ensemble/ String Group Scale Warm ups and pieces

My ‘String Group’ (violin ensemble) started back up this month.  As I have many beginners, I decided the repertoire had to be really simple.  We concentrated on listening to each other, and playing in tune. After spending 5 mins tuning everyone up, we started. Our first song: G Major Scale simple Those who wish to &hellip Continue reading »

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Super Mario Brothers

Trying to make violin interesting for the teenage boys is tricky, so in order to balance up the new violin AMEB Technique Book boring stuff (it is absolutely boring!!) and the exam pieces (more interesting – we get to choose those!!), I have stumbled across this: for piano. I have adapted it as a &hellip Continue reading »

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Jingle Bells Solo Violin

Another student requested ‘Jingle Bells’ so I made a slightly harder version.  Still easy notes, but the technique is a little more involved.  This piece is about First Grade standard due to the double stopping, LH pizz and a 3rd position slide down. To print out a copy, click here: JINGLE BELLS violin solo

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Jingle Bells for easy violin – teacher/student duet

It’s that time of the year.  Can you believe it?! I have just started first finger with one of my littlies, so I thought I would write out a suitable arrangement of Jingle Bells that we could do together. I have kept the teacher part very simple, so as not to confuse the student with &hellip Continue reading »

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for Beginner Violin

One of my littler students proudly informed me today that she had volunteered to play violin with their class.  They were going to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ in German and she was going to play the melody with them on the violin. One slight problem (only very minor)…we haven’t started fingers yet.  We’re nearly &hellip Continue reading »

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Chit Chat Duet – for beginner violin students

I whipped up a violin duet for my young violin students to play together.  They’re about to learn ‘fingers’, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for revision, to make sure those bows are definitely hitting the correct strings.  They love to play together, so we’re going to have lots of fun doing &hellip Continue reading »

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Appropriate funeral songs

I was asked to play at my Grandma’s funeral today.  I had two days to come up with something appropriate and something I could throw together as a violin solo.  It couldn’t be religious (Grandma was an RSL Club type person, was not really church going), and due to the general age of the people attending &hellip Continue reading »

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The Irish Washerwoman – easy violin trio

I’ve got some beginners getting together shortly, and because they range in level from open strings to First Grade AMEB, they needed something that would suit them all. I arranged a short version of the Irish Washerwoman for them, and thought I’d post a copy here too in case you’d like it. To print out &hellip Continue reading »

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Christmas Match-Up

I created some giant cards with well known Christmas songs on them, using only the first 4 bars of each song.  You could print them out on coloured paper to make them more ‘Christmassy’ – one colour for the songs and a different one for the song titles. There are a few different ways to play with these cards:- &hellip Continue reading »

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Violin duet using triplets ‘Don’t Throw Your Junk/Bottles of Pop’

I had a song in my head tonight that I used to sing in the car with my brother when we were little.  I’m not sure where we learned it from, but it certainly was a favourite of ours. I thought it would be a fun way to review triplets with violin students and a &hellip Continue reading »

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