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Violin Open Strings Match Up Game

My younger violin students are reading notes!  It is exciting stuff, but as we learn new things (slowly does it), I like to keep revising what we have learned to keep it in their heads before we move on to harder things. (Did I mention they are very clever little peoples?) Here’s a game they &hellip Continue reading »

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Musical Snakes and Ladders

I was looking up some school teacher resources for my daughter, to assist her with her spelling when I came across this great game.  The thought occurred to me that you could use Opus text and insert musical notes, signs and terms instead of spelling words (which I did). You could even have two octaves &hellip Continue reading »

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Christmas Intervals Game for Violin

I needed an interval drill game for my violin students.  There are lots of great ones out there for piano students.  I usually show my violin students the intervals firstly on the staff then on the piano, and they can easily hold one finger down on one note and count up the distance on the piano &hellip Continue reading »

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Counts and Chocolate Cake

Ever had trouble remembering the note counts/values?  When I only had a couple of students, and they were beginners, I would bake a cake (or cupcakes) and we would dissect them into Semibreves, Minims and Crotchets (aka whole notes, half notes and quarter notes).  Now I just talk about the visual image to my students, &hellip Continue reading »

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Bass Clef Lines and Spaces Posters

Some teachers like to use landmark notes, others use ‘rhymes’ or mnemonics to memorise the lines and spaces.  I like to use a combination of both – you can’t go wrong then I have these posters on the wall in my teaching area above my piano.  Most of my students don’t need to look at them, but &hellip Continue reading »

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Getting a little creative with rhythms and composing

With so many students preparing to sit their AMEB examinations, I wanted to keep on top of their sight reading skills.  Of course when we’re constantly going through new repertoire it’s no problem, but I don’t like to get stuck into the ‘typical’ exam routine where students are only focused on their exam work and &hellip Continue reading »

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Spelling Bee – violin game

My son was recently in a Spelling Bee competition at his school and did really well (was in the final top 10 – so proud of him!).  I previously had my piano students play a game with cards involving words you could spell with the letters ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘F’ and ‘G’.  The &hellip Continue reading »

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The Music Alphabet Poster

Here’s something to laminate and use with your students if they are having trouble remembering the musical alphabet. You can sing the standard ‘Alphabet song’ simply repeating these 7 letters over and over throughout the song. How to vary:- Start from ‘A’ and keep working your way around. Start from any other letter and keep &hellip Continue reading »

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