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Do you have perfect pitch? Here’s a game to help…

Here’s one way to find out: A program called ‘Notable’ takes you through four different levels; Easy, Intermediate, Advanced and Prodigy of hearing a note, and clicking on the piano keyboard which note you think it is.  It then lets you know if you are correct and the note goes green.  If incorrect, it plays the note you &hellip Continue reading »

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Create your own music dominoes

I was lurking around the World Wide Web today and came across this site that lets you create your own personalised dominoes to use with your students: Tools For Educators I liked the fact that I could choose a ‘minim’ or ‘half note’ and call it whatever I liked.  You can create your own worksheets &hellip Continue reading »

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Searching for more games for my violin students to play, I stumbled across this site which has online games of concentration, word puzzles, viola jokes, tic tac bow and some ideas for music you might like to play. Tic Tac Bow is easy enough for beginners.  The concentration game (Music Match) is a great way &hellip Continue reading »

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Musical Mysteries – BBC Flash computer game with lesson plans

I was browsing through a few sites and came across a great game to help students become familiar with orchestral instruments.  It can be found here: BBC Musical Mysteries. The aim is to help Robbie find his Grandfather’s music.  The Grandfather is a conductor of an orchestra and he has lost his music. He needs &hellip Continue reading »

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