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Dr Seuss General Knowledge Cards

Well, it’s exciting at my place!  We have moved into a new home, and I have a new teaching space to organise, and I get to actually finish what I had planned to do last year with my Dr Seuss theme. I like to make sure my students know what is going on with all &hellip Continue reading »

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Frog Studio Practise Chart

It’s a bit hard to see, but I’m not keen on sticking blue-tac on my studio walls any more. It rips the paint off after a while, and then I have to repaint.  Much easier to put on the big glass doors, then eucalyptus oil will get off any stubborn stains. Anyways, this is my &hellip Continue reading »

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Sight Reading or Fright Reading?

I was searching for some sight reading examples last night and stumbled across this site by Rebecca Stewart: The books are available for purchase, but I love that I can see a glimpse into each book and what it covers.  There are some ‘free’ sight reading lessons as well which covers basics (stuff we &hellip Continue reading »

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Strengthening Fingers with Clothes Pegs

I purchased some medium sized art pegs.  They’re about half the size of a clothes peg but if you can’t get these, a clothes peg will work fine. The student needs to make a curved ‘Pacman’ shape with their thumb and first finger on the peg (has to be that curved ‘C’ shape for this &hellip Continue reading »

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Scales My Way

I have half my students doing AMEB Examinations at the moment and some preparing for other things.  Either way, they are all learning scales.  Those doing AMEB examinations need to learn scales with the correct rhythm/bowing (for the time being) however those that aren’t doing exams are free! I whipped up this chart for one &hellip Continue reading »

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Musical Snakes and Ladders

I was looking up some school teacher resources for my daughter, to assist her with her spelling when I came across this great game.  The thought occurred to me that you could use Opus text and insert musical notes, signs and terms instead of spelling words (which I did). You could even have two octaves &hellip Continue reading »

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The Dig Challenge

To start next year off, my exam students are going to face a few challenges.  Ten of them to be exact. I want to make sure they are on track with their examination work and they’re having fun at the same time.  A lot of my students are still learning to set their own personal &hellip Continue reading »

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10 ways to make violin scales interesting

I really enjoyed the masterclass Abe Cytrynowski gave at the Winter Piano Seminar I attended (see link here: Abe’s Masterclass) because I could go home and apply his piano approach to scales to the violin. Here are some ways we can incorporate some fun into our students’ scale learning. I’m presuming by this point that &hellip Continue reading »

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Mnemonics for Modes

Anyone else had trouble remembering modes? They are (for a C major scale):- Ionian/Major Scale: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C Dorian: D, E, F, G, A, B, C, D Phrygian: E, F, G, A, B, C, D, E Lydian: F, G, A, B, C, D, E, F Mixolydian: G, A, B, C, &hellip Continue reading »

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Order of Sharps – poster

I’ve been meaning to put this one up for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to it.  I have been using this particular mnemonic with most of my students for quite a long time and it isn’t one they forget easily.  I grew up hearing ‘Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle’ and the reverse &hellip Continue reading »

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