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Holiday Music Camp – Older Beginner/Preliminary (Piano) – 1 hour

These were my older beginner piano students over the age of 12 (all girls in my group).  They were a VERY happy lively giggly bunch of girls and we had a lot of fun. This is what I did with them:- Game: Interval Slap (found here:  Interval Slap from Susan Paradis’ website) Game: Beat Bingo (which &hellip Continue reading »

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Dinosaur Stomp – getting creative with little composers

For one of the groups of students at my Holiday Music Camp, I am going to use this simple rhythm.  I do know that Paleontologists dig up dinosaur bones really, but it’s all part of the ‘Archaeology’ fun of our Studio Theme. My students need to clap this rhythm through, and work out a simple &hellip Continue reading »

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Getting a little creative with rhythms and composing

With so many students preparing to sit their AMEB examinations, I wanted to keep on top of their sight reading skills.  Of course when we’re constantly going through new repertoire it’s no problem, but I don’t like to get stuck into the ‘typical’ exam routine where students are only focused on their exam work and &hellip Continue reading »

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