A Natural Minor Scale Round – Violin Trio

A very simple round for students to play – the A Natural Minor scale as a round/violin trio. I love the harmonies created by the natural minor scales, and as the AMEB don’t have string players play them (only as the melodic minor scale descending), it is up to teachers to explain them and have their &hellip Continue reading »

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String Group G Scale warm ups

One of the things I teach my violin students is how to do natural minor scales.  The AMEB don’t have them in their syllabus, but they sure sound pretty when you play them as a round!  I also teach the natural minor scales to my piano students so they can know/understand the melodic minor scale &hellip Continue reading »

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Scales My Way

I have half my students doing AMEB Examinations at the moment and some preparing for other things.  Either way, they are all learning scales.  Those doing AMEB examinations need to learn scales with the correct rhythm/bowing (for the time being) however those that aren’t doing exams are free! I whipped up this chart for one &hellip Continue reading »

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10 ways to make violin scales interesting

I really enjoyed the masterclass Abe Cytrynowski gave at the Winter Piano Seminar I attended (see link here: Abe’s Masterclass) because I could go home and apply his piano approach to scales to the violin. Here are some ways we can incorporate some fun into our students’ scale learning. I’m presuming by this point that &hellip Continue reading »

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