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Piano games/exercises

A ‘Handy’ Music Pointer

A ‘handy’ little gadget I use with my piano students is a hand pointer.  Reaching over to point out things in students’ music on the page furthest from me was hurting my back until I picked up a couple of these at our Book Week Store at my kids Primary School.  You can get ones &hellip Continue reading »

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Music practise at home – ‘three times in a row correct’ with sounds

Practise at home doesn’t have to become drudgery.  If you keep things fresh for your kids, they can absolutely love the time they spend with their instrument. My kids love to play their pieces 3 times through (each piece) and proudly ring one of the three bells I have sitting on top of my piano &hellip Continue reading »

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The Music Alphabet Poster

Here’s something to laminate and use with your students if they are having trouble remembering the musical alphabet. You can sing the standard ‘Alphabet song’ simply repeating these 7 letters over and over throughout the song. How to vary:- Start from ‘A’ and keep working your way around. Start from any other letter and keep &hellip Continue reading »

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‘Three Times in a Row Correct’ with coloured handbells.

Aldi were selling one octave sets of coloured handbells for $15 about a year ago, so I bought a set almost expecting them to be out of tune and very dodgy (ever seen the violins they have sold? EEK!!) but to my surprise, they weren’t bad at all for that price!  I will quite happily &hellip Continue reading »

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Music rhythm game ‘Don’t clap this one back’ with rhythm flash cards

I first heard of this game through Samantha Coates at the Winter Piano Teacher’s Seminar and I loved the idea.  I have tweaked it a little though. How to play:- Clap a rhythm to your students/class.  They have to clap it back to you. The only rhythm they can’t clap back is “Don’t clap this &hellip Continue reading »

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Scales just a throw away…

We all know how tiresome it is to play exam scales over and over again.  We also know they’re “good for us” but that’s what my mother told me about eating brussel sprouts!  How do we keep our students motivated to keep playing their scales? For the lower level grades, write the scales up on a die.  The &hellip Continue reading »

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Pass The Musical Parcel

I like to hold a group activity for my students at the end of the year.  One year we played well known party games with a musical twist.  This was one of the games we played and let me tell you, the kids had SO much fun, especially with the group singing part! Pass the &hellip Continue reading »

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Musical Adjectives

When you have a scale, exercise or piece that is necessary to play but just so boring, try a few of these to brighten things up.  I have my students choose up to three cards if they have an exercise to play, and we will play it three times through to a different adjective each time. Musical &hellip Continue reading »

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