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Great Repertoire Collections: Beginner to Advanced

Elissa Milne gave us an inspiring presentation on Repertoire Collections.  She went through a few of her favourites and had to do away with her ‘yellow notes’ because we ended up heading down a completely different path to what she had initially planned for us. Elissa pointed out that the back of a book is &hellip Continue reading »

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The Inherited Student: Delight or Disaster?

The delightful Samantha Coates (Author of the Blitz Books series) gaves us a presentation on ‘The Inherited Student’. She asked for input on the pros and cons of an ‘inherited student’ (a student who has come to you from either another teacher or a music school).  There are all the usual types of cons: failure &hellip Continue reading »

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Teaching in the Digital Age – Ray Partridge

The third presentation in the Winter Piano Seminar was from Ray Partridge on ‘Teaching in the Digital Age’.  I am NOT brilliant with computers, and for me, this seminar either went over my head, or I currently use similar notation programs. What do we use computers and technology for in our teaching studios?  To record our &hellip Continue reading »

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Abe Cytrynowski – Technical Work Masterclass

The first class of the day was run by Abe Cytrynowski on scales, and how to avoid your students playing them on automatic pilot (playing with a vacant mind). He said to firstly draw them in with a theoretic hook ie the key signature. Use visual hooks “Scouts honour” (3 fingers) and a “peace sign” &hellip Continue reading »

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Secret Piano Teacher’s Business (AKA Winter Piano Seminar) Sydney

The Winter Piano Seminar was held in Sydney on Friday 16th July 2010 at the Wesley Conference Centre, Pitt Street, Sydney. There were teachers from all over Sydney (and beyond) in attendance, and the room looked pretty full to me. After the welcome was a Masterclass by Abe Cytrynowski on ‘Scintillating Scales’ followed by a &hellip Continue reading »

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