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Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference notes

I had no idea that general notes or some sort of transcription was available from previous Pedagogy Conferences.  I was very delighted to stumble across a link, as I was sad to be missing out on the one in Melbourne coming up this year in July, as I have a new little person, and waaaaay too &hellip Continue reading »

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Bring back the Music Workshops!

I was reflecting back this morning on how I got to where I am today with my music.  It really came down to a few influential people in my life. I’ll save that information for another post, but I did want to mention Donald Newton.  “Don” as he was known to us musos. I have &hellip Continue reading »

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Alfred’s Premier Piano Course Workshop 2005

I attended an Alfred’s Premier Piano Course many years ago, and have just come across some notes I had taken from it.  It was so long ago – they had just completed the first level – 1A (the red books), and were almost finished with the yellow 1B books.  That’s how long ago  – and &hellip Continue reading »

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Kinder Beat – teaching 18 month to 3 year olds

Posted 12 February 2010 on my music blog:- A few years ago I was introduced to Kinder Beat. A music course aimed specifically at 3 to 4 year olds. I was curious as I was teaching piano to a couple of littlies and was having a few little problems with them, mainly at how to &hellip Continue reading »

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Music Seminars Sydney January 2011

Wow, Sydney is alive with Music Seminars throughout January! Unfortunately I’m at home with my kids as I chose to have a family holiday a few months ago over workshops/seminars so I’ll have to stay tuned for the Winter ones. But just in case you’re interested, here are the ones I know about:- Alfred Music Publishing “TEACH &hellip Continue reading »

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October 2010 Music Conference ‘Refresh and Recharge’

The Music Teacher’s Association and Allan’s Music Education are holding a music conference for all music teachers (whether you are an MTA member or not). Presenters include: David Miller AM, Nick Peterson, Elissa Milne, Samantha Coates, Michael Ireland, Chris Wallace, Susan Deas, Barry Walmsley and the NSW Trustee and Guardian. Topics include: The Art of &hellip Continue reading »

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AMEB Online Examinations – Notes from Feb Seminar

Relying purely on my notes here from the Feb/March-whenever-it-was Seminar I attended on the new Online Examinations for Theory. Covered first was the concern teachers mainly had with the online examinations on just how to prevent students from cheating.  We learned:- A parent would need to pay for the theory exams/practice examinations firstly by credit &hellip Continue reading »

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Feb/March 2010 AMEB Theory Exam Seminar

I attended a theory Seminar at the beginning of 2010.  I can’t remember if it was held in February or March but I did take lots of notes that I thought might be useful to post here. Discussed was the upcoming Online Theory Examinations, written exams in general and the change to the Folk Songs. &hellip Continue reading »

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Panel Discussion – Ask The Examiners (AMEB Examiners, teachers and representatives from other boards)

This was the final presentation of the day – a Panel Discussion on questions teachers had for AMEB examiners and other board representatives. On Sight Reading: Students are allowed to put their hands on the keys/instrument, but no sound can be made. “Prepare the hands, but don’t make a sound”. It is better to “nut &hellip Continue reading »

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Games for Aural, Rhythm and Reading – Samantha Coates

Samantha bravely gave us a second presentation on ‘Games for Aural, Rhythm and Reading’.  You may be familiar with Samantha’s books “How to Blitz…”  She has books for theory, musicianship, sight reading, general knowledge as well as musicianship and theory games books. Samantha took us through some Intervals Songs we had in our handout, which &hellip Continue reading »

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