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I Am Like A Star

Our little sunbeams seem to sing better and sit still when they have visuals in front of them.  We hold Opening Exercises in the Chapel, so they need to be fairly reverent – and we are singing this for Opening Exercises tomorrow Since I was having a ‘star’ week, doing star flash cards as general knowledge &hellip Continue reading »

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Primary Song Scrambles

This is not really an appropriate activity for the Juniors to do, but we have very clever seniors in our Primary, and I thought this might be a great thing to do for revision, or just to go through some songs we know.  Song scrambles! They’re not quite opposites, but the title of the song &hellip Continue reading »

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Revision of 3rd verse ‘If I Listen With My Heart I Hear The Saviour’s Voice’

My Ward Primary have been having difficulty remembering the 3rd verse of this song.  We haven’t, after all, been learning it for very long. They have been a bit restless because of school holidays here as well, so I thought I would revise the third verse AND get them active all at the same time. &hellip Continue reading »

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Angels We Have Heard on High – Handbells

I was thinking about Singing Time in Primary next week, and I decided as they’re going to be singing in Sacrament Meeting, that I could do something a little more enjoyable in Singing Time and use the set of bells I have.  We did something a few weeks ago that they loved, and I will &hellip Continue reading »

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