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Stand For The Right – simplified piano

Here’s a cute little simplified version of an already cute song. I included little hands to show when their hands have to move to a new position on the piano, and fingering helps.  The original is in C Major – so this is just easier on little eyes. Stand for the Right simplified

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Fairest Lord Jesus/Beautiful Savior Simplified Piano Hymn

This hymn is known as Fairest Lord Jesus in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but is known as Beautiful Saviour in the LDS Church. Here it is in two keys.  The first is in C major.  The second in D major:- C Major: Fairest Lord Jesus Beautiful Savior Simplified in C Major D Major: Fairest Lord Jesus Beautiful &hellip Continue reading »

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I Am a Child of God for beginner/easy violin

I have done a few versions of I am a Child of God for violin over the years, but I lose them on my computer. Here are two.  One is ‘fancier looking’, and the other is just plain and simple with larger notes. I do the piano accompaniment straight out of the hymn book, as &hellip Continue reading »

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me Vocal Duet

I sang this duet with my daughter a few months ago in Sacrament Meeting.  She’s a clever little thing, and everyone loved it.  Here is is:- My Heavenly Father Loves Me vocal duet

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Praise to the Man actions and signs for Primary

Next Sunday I’m going to have the Primary children listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing this gorgeous hymn whilst we sing along, do some actions and hold up signs.  Sounds confusing, doesn’t it. The Mormon Tabernacle sings Praise to the Man on their CD aptly named ‘Praise To The Man’.  The same song can &hellip Continue reading »

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Giant Singing Time Board Game with 2011 Presentation songs

I have come up with a massive floor board game with the 2011 Presentation songs.  You can put this on the wall with blue tac or have it laid out at the front on the floor.  I am going to laminate mine, and due to safety reasons (they will be slippery, and kids can be &hellip Continue reading »

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Singing Time Mother’s Day Mystery Items

I borrowed an idea from Becky T on Sugardoodle and ran with it.  I made a master list, chose 8 relevant songs to Mother’s Day and found 8 matching items (listed).  The song numbers are there as well to help your pianist. The second page has a picture of a heart you can use (or &hellip Continue reading »

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Easter song ‘Hosanna’ in Sacrament Meeting

I know I’m not supposed to post until Darling Hubby has completed my new website, but I’m not that patient! ;D Primary has been asked to sing in Sacrament Meeting this coming Sunday.  We have had one week to practise, as we had General Conference last Sunday.  Eek! I decided to play it safe.  If you &hellip Continue reading »

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Scripture Heroes

We had so much fun last Sunday being Scripture Heroes.  I think it was the most attentive our Jnr Primary has ever been!  Of course they would have been!  We had swords, and shields and capes, and scriptures. Here’s a sneak peak of how the process evolved (via pictures):- The beginnings of a CTR Shield &hellip Continue reading »

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Ideas for restless children during Singing Time

We all have feral Primaries some days.   Generally just prior to or during rain (for some unknown reason).  I have put together a few of my resources that I have scribbled down over the years, and they are now part of my Singing Time folder. Firstly, I found this site that gives a few pointers: Music &hellip Continue reading »

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