Jingle Bells for easy violin – teacher/student duet

It’s that time of the year.  Can you believe it?! I have just started first finger with one of my littlies, so I thought I would write out a suitable arrangement of Jingle Bells that we could do together. I have kept the teacher part very simple, so as not to confuse the student with &hellip Continue reading »

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Jingle Bells – for Handbells

Here’s another one for handbells: Jingle Bells.  I’m going to use it with a classroom full of 6 and 7 year olds today.  Only 5 bells are required in this song so we shall have to sing it through 3 or 4 times so everyone gets a go at ringing a bell. I haven’t used bar &hellip Continue reading »

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Angels We Have Heard on High – Handbells

I was thinking about Singing Time in Primary next week, and I decided as they’re going to be singing in Sacrament Meeting, that I could do something a little more enjoyable in Singing Time and use the set of bells I have.  We did something a few weeks ago that they loved, and I will &hellip Continue reading »

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Christmas Match-Up

I created some giant cards with well known Christmas songs on them, using only the first 4 bars of each song.  You could print them out on coloured paper to make them more ‘Christmassy’ – one colour for the songs and a different one for the song titles. There are a few different ways to play with these cards:- &hellip Continue reading »

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Christmas Intervals Game for Violin

I needed an interval drill game for my violin students.  There are lots of great ones out there for piano students.  I usually show my violin students the intervals firstly on the staff then on the piano, and they can easily hold one finger down on one note and count up the distance on the piano &hellip Continue reading »

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Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia is quite different from a white wonderland.  It is usually quite hot, we have a BBQ, a swim in the pool and hope that the bushfires don’t come any closer. Halloween’s almost here.  Time to think about Christmas in the studio now, so I have started collecting more things to add to &hellip Continue reading »

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