Buying a violin

Swindling Music Students over instruments?

Deal or no deal, music students swindled Harriet Alexander February 26, 2011 – 3:00AM INSTRUMENT dealers call it their ”dirty little secret”, the pact they have with music teachers who funnel them students – in exchange for a slice of the profit. It is just one of the traps for aspiring virtuosos whose parents have &hellip Continue reading »

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Cheap violins – are they worth it?

This great post by Laurie Niles points out the difference between ‘Violin Shaped Objects’ and ‘real violins’ beautifully, complete with pictures. What price (in US dollars) should we be paying for a decent student violin outfit? What should the fingerboard be like? What should the bridge be like? What can I look for in a sound post? &hellip Continue reading »

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