Additional 2/4 rhythm cards for Fourth Grade Aural Tests

These are additional 2/4 time flash cards that you can use in assisting students to learn the rhythmic patterns that they may hear in the 4th Grade AMEB Aural Tests.  These are certainly not endorsed by the AMEB, and may not be the rhythms students will hear, but they will certainly help in preparation. This &hellip Continue reading »

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Fourth Grade Aural Rhythms Flash Cards

Are any of your students having troubles with  the rhythms you have to clap back in the Fourth Grade AMEB Aural Tests?.    The test for Rhythm states “The examiner will play twice a passage in duple or triple time.  The candidate will then tap or clap the passage and state whether it is in duple or &hellip Continue reading »

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Piano Examinations with Kathryn Phillips

Now some people find Ms Phillips a bit of a tough nut, but I like her.  She has always been fair, never any surprise comments on exam reports – they’re always lovely, and she knows what she is doing.  I am careful to follow the Manual of Syllabuses to the letter though, and so does she. &hellip Continue reading »

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‘Meditation’ by Frank Bridge

For those needing to play this for their upcoming 4th Grade AMEB Examinations, here is a beautiful rendition of ‘Meditation’ performed by Holger Peterson worth watching:- ‘Meditation’ by Frank Bridge performed by Holger Peterson

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L8 AMEB Clarence Street Exam Rooms

I’m not sure if I have touched on this already, but I’m moving information across from my music blog to here.  I think this post had a little more infomation than what I had put on this website.  Apologies if it is similar.  This entry was dated 7 March 2010:- I attended an information session &hellip Continue reading »

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10 ways to make violin scales interesting

I really enjoyed the masterclass Abe Cytrynowski gave at the Winter Piano Seminar I attended (see link here: Abe’s Masterclass) because I could go home and apply his piano approach to scales to the violin. Here are some ways we can incorporate some fun into our students’ scale learning. I’m presuming by this point that &hellip Continue reading »

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AMEB Room 9 – candidates playing with back to accompanist

*sigh* another whinge, but at least you’ll be informed:- The AMEB Examining Rooms on Level 8 in Clarence Street are beautifully done with new grand pianos but there is a problem with the set up in Room 9.  Because of the Child Protection Laws, examiners must be sitting in full view of the little glass &hellip Continue reading »

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AMEB (NSW) Warm Up Room

On Level 8 of the AMEB Clarence Street Office, there is a large waiting room with reception desk and a warm up room.  The warm up room consists of a cello chair, a music stand and two upright pianos. Today were signs outside the room that said “Warm Up Room Only, 5 mins allowed.  Instrumentalists &hellip Continue reading »

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AMEB Second Metropolitan Examinations 2010

I had some of my piano and violin students sit their exams today.  Boy am I glad those exams are over!  There is so much work and preparation involved in making sure everything is perfect, it seems, just to please an examiner.  It appears today that the examiners my students had were very hard markers.  Perhaps with &hellip Continue reading »

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Mystery surrounding AMEB 4th Grade Violin Exercise 8

Well folks, I worked out the mystery today after being led on a bit of a wild goose chase with Exercise 8 in the Level 1 Violin Technical Work Book. My edition of the Technical Work Book is the 2001 publication.  With each grade I have going through, I make sure I know the technical &hellip Continue reading »

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