Holiday Music Camp – First and Second Grade (Piano) – 1 hour

Posted by on January 21, 2011

The outline for my First and Second Grade piano students was as follows:-

Game: – Over the Edge (found here: Over the Edge game )

Game: Candy Bingo (found here: Candy Bingo)

One of my students has allergies and couldn’t have the skittles I was planning to use so we used my shiny blue ‘stones’ instead.  I got the students to write with whiteboard markers the intervals they wanted on their game boards.  They were pretty good at hearing the intervals by the end of it.

Composition: These students were also given the Dinosaur Stomp worksheet (found here: Dinosaur Stomp) and we clapped it through, then they had to work out a melody to go with it.  This group were able to choose the octave and notes they wanted to use.  Again, they needed to end on the tonic.

Performance: Play their Dinosaur Stomp composition for parents and any students that have arrived for the next group.

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