Parts of the Violin and Bow Printout/Handout

Posted by on August 19, 2017


I was looking at some other violin teacher resources sites, and found this drawing, labelling the parts of the violin and bow beautifully.  I found it on a site called which links where they originally got the drawing from, but unfortunately the original site is no longer visible on the Web.  It’s such a shame because someone obviously spent quite a bit of time creating it.

Use it as a poster in your studio, as a reference for beginner violins to paste in a book or as a general handout.

I have adjusted the handout so that you can print out 2 to a page, or one on a larger page here.  I also included the first source at the bottom of the pdf’s:

Parts of the Violin full page

Parts of the Violin 2 to a page

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