Violin Ensemble/ String Group Scale Warm ups and pieces

Posted by on March 22, 2017

My ‘String Group’ (violin ensemble) started back up this month.  As I have many beginners, I decided the repertoire had to be really simple.  We concentrated on listening to each other, and playing in tune.

After spending 5 mins tuning everyone up, we started.

Our first song:

G Major Scale simple

Those who wish to play open strings can do so.  Everyone else plays the scale on top.


- Ask what people are having for dinner.  Play to that rhythm.

- Play as a round, eliminating the second G top note.


Our second song:

D Major Scale and rhythms

Instructions on variations are written on the music.


Our third song:

Copy Me open strings and 1st finger

Again, a very simple song using open G and D, and the first fingers on those strings.  I had some students reading the notes as “G or D”, and others reading them as “Do or So”.


We finished with The Irish Washerwoman (type that in the search bar on my blog, and it will come up).

It was an awesome no stress night for my beginner students.  Very simple, no-one got embarrassed, and everyone was pretty much in tune.

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