Violin Skittle Game 2

Posted by on June 3, 2012

I have made a slightly harder version of my Violin Skittle Game.  The previous one (here)  didn’t have notes on the staff.  My new one has flash cards with staff notes but no 4th finger notes.

You can add the open string, then first finger notes, then second finger note cards etc. gradually if you like so your students can really get to know where those notes go on the fingerboard.

The links are here:

Game Cards

Game Card Backs (if you want them)

Skittle Game Board

How to play:-

- You need two or more players and a container of skittles.

- Give each player a game board.  Shuffle the cards and place in the middle.

- I usually let the students go first.  Turn over a card.  If it is a note, the student must name the note correctly, then place a skittle on that note.

- If it is an action card, follow the directions on the card.  Keep going until all the cards are gone from the middle.

- At the end, I give the student a little plastic bag for them to take their skittles home in.

- You can take away cards that are not relevant for your student (before playing).  Add them in when needed.

Game Card Backs


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