Additional 2/4 rhythm cards for Fourth Grade Aural Tests

Posted by on September 27, 2011

These are additional 2/4 time flash cards that you can use in assisting students to learn the rhythmic patterns that they may hear in the 4th Grade AMEB Aural Tests.  These are certainly not endorsed by the AMEB, and may not be the rhythms students will hear, but they will certainly help in preparation.

This set includes the crotchets I missed out, plus a few more rhythms in reverse:-

2 beat additional rhythms Fourth Grade Aural

  • Line 4 of them up on the music stand and have your student say the rhythm names and clap/tap through it.
  • Use them yourself to make up your own melodies
  • Use them as a composition tool for your students to use
  • Have your students take a set home to compose their own melodies.  Assign them set key signatures (perhaps that scale that is giving them grief).
  • Great for revising dotted rhythms.  Mix and match until your student is confident with the dotted rhythmic patterns.

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