Fourth Grade Aural Rhythms Flash Cards

Posted by on September 20, 2011

Are any of your students having troubles with  the rhythms you have to clap back in the Fourth Grade AMEB Aural Tests?.    The test for Rhythm states “The examiner will play twice a passage in duple or triple time.  The candidate will then tap or clap the passage and state whether it is in duple or triple time”.

I went through the 1992 Handbook  of Aural Tests and picked out almost all the standard rhythms you could come across and put them into flash cards.

You can go through the rhythm names (Ti-ti, Tun, Tah-un etc) so that there is sound recognition happening (ie the brain associates the rhythm names with that particular pattern).  Mix up the flash cards randomly to get a combination of different rhythms.  This flash card game will only cover the recognition part, which is the first step to hearing a rhythm played, then clapping it back.  It is a great tool though! 

You could use these for composition purposes as well, not just for Aural Test rhythms.

I think I left out two crotchets in a bar in 2/4 time.  Oops.

Anyways, here are the flash cards with backs if you’d like them:-

Fourth Grade Aural Test Rhythms Duple Time

Fourth Grade Aural Test Rhythms Triple Time

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