Frog Studio Practise Chart

Posted by on September 2, 2011

It’s a bit hard to see, but I’m not keen on sticking blue-tac on my studio walls any more. It rips the paint off after a while, and then I have to repaint.  Much easier to put on the big glass doors, then eucalyptus oil will get off any stubborn stains.

Anyways, this is my giant Frog Practise Chart for my students.  There are three levels, and the aim is to keep your froggy on the top level.  On random weeks I have some sort of sugar reward for those at the top.

It has been a bad week this week – the 4 froggies over to the side are those who haven’t been able to make it to their lesson because they have been sick.  Usually most of the frogs are at the top though :D

This is what we don’t want our practise frogs to do…

This is for 2 or less (fewer) practices

These froggies were closer, but they could do better!  3 practices means ‘Jump Higher’

‘Grrreat!” for 4 or more practices.  We joke that this is ‘Froggy Heaven’ in my studio.  This is the best place to be.

Each frog and lilly pad (and sign) is laminated.  I wrote on most of the frogs with whiteboard marker to start off with, then realised the whiteboard marker rubs off on laminated things, so I have started to write on them in permanent marker as well.  We can’t lose any frogs now, can we!

As soon as students walk in, they move their froggy to where it needs to go (or not move it, if they are good froggies).  I have emphasised to all my students that the aim is to not make them feel bad, but to give them ownership, or make them responsible for their own practices.  Parents love it because their child has to be honest and accountable for their practices, because if they put their frog up the top and they haven’t practiced as much as they say, I can tell ;D

I am going to leave it up for the rest of this term, as it is working really well.

Oh, and the lolly rewards so far have been ‘frogs’ (of course, but I found ones that are pastel to avoid sending hyperactive kids home on red food colouring), and lollypops (to send them home hyper anyway…).

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