Strengthening Fingers with Clothes Pegs

Posted by on August 10, 2011

I purchased some medium sized art pegs.  They’re about half the size of a clothes peg but if you can’t get these, a clothes peg will work fine.

The student needs to make a curved ‘Pacman’ shape with their thumb and first finger on the peg (has to be that curved ‘C’ shape for this to be effective).  Then they do 4 ‘taps’ with each finger on the peg.  The resistance the peg creates will develop stronger first joints/fingers.  I used the smaller pegs so that there wasn’t as much resistance for little fingers because we don’t want to injure any joints, just gradually strengthen them.

I also assigned my piano students to do this exercise and it works quite well.

For those who manage to break their peg in the first week, I tell them to raid Mum’s peg basket.

It could be what these pegs are for as well.

I also use plain wooden pegs (new ones) to hold music book pages in place.  I keep some in my violin case to prevent air conditioning blowing my pages away.  I think I learned that trick many years ago in an orchestra I played in.  We painted our pegs black back then, so they wouldn’t stand out, but I don’t have black paint at home at the moment and can’t quite be bothered.  A lot of my older violin students now do the same thing!

These ones in the picture are actually for sale from this site:

Oh yup, they’re ‘page pegs’ – after reading their description :D

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