Complete Set Violin Flash Cards – Printable

Posted by on August 10, 2011

Ta-DAH!  Here’s the complete set of violin flash cards.  I did a set with a blue border (because too much pink will drive ME nuts), and a set with a pink border (because I know the little girls I teach will LOVE them.

Backs of the cards, to stop students from ‘cheating’ (depending on what paper you print on, these flash cards are generally see through) are here: Complete Set Violin Flash Cards backs of cards, depending on what you want to use the flash cards for.

The first two pages are basic flash cards.  These would be great to print and laminate for your students (or ask their parents to), and they’re a perfect size to fit in any violin case, so they won’t go missing.

The second two pages are a little more advanced.  I thought that while I was at it, I would do all the first position notes and get that tedious work over and done with :D .

I have also included 4 blank staff flash cards so you can include your own note, or include them as a ‘wild card’ in your games.

The blue set is here: Complete Set Violin Flash Cards blue borders

The pink set is here: Complete Set Violin Flash Cards pink borders

Games you can play with the flash cards:-

  • Memory/Concentration on the floor or table top
  • Fly swat match up  -you call out a note and the student needs to hit *gently* with a fly swat (not a used one, of course!) the corresponding note on the staff.
  • Turn over the cards you want to review really quickly on the music stand and see how many the student can get right in 1 minute.
  • Print out a couple of copies of the first two pages of flash cards and play Snap
  • See above but instead of playing snap, have one set of cards you want to review face up on the floor.  The student has to turn over the matching remaining cards (that are face down in a pile).  They have to tell you what is on the card they turned over, and place it on top of the matching one already face up on the floor.
  • Have your student choose 5 or 6 flash card notes and have them ‘arrange’ the cards in an order of their choice for a mini composition.  Then they get to play it!
  • Put a large paper clip on each card, make or purchase a basic magnetised fishing rod and go ‘fishing’.  Student has to name the flash card they ‘catch’.

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  1. Loretta McCray

    Greetings from Richmond, Virginia, USA,
    I love your website and you have wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing. I am printing off the violin flashcards for my son. The Flashcard backs don’t quite match up with the note flashcards. Can you adjust the left margin to match up when it is reversed as it prints? Many thanks,
    Loretta McCray