Violin Flash Cards – Second Finger Notes

Posted by on July 8, 2011

Here are the Second Finger Flash Cards.  See the previous post on First Finger Note flash cards for ideas on how to play.

I love that these cards are small enough to be packed away in a little violin case so they don’t get lost after they are played with!  And small enough so that if a violin teacher had to take all their lesson materials with them to teach at a music studio (as I did), they’re small enough to fit in your violin case too!

Another way to drill these cards is to put them up on the music stand one by one and your student has to play it.  Time them with a stop watch and see what their fastest time is.

You could also play ‘Be the teacher”.  Your student puts the flash card up on the music stand and YOU have to be the one to play the note.  Don’t play them all correctly though – your student will need to check and see if you’re putting the correct finger down on the correct string.

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