Jon Schmidt – Another favourite pianist of mine

Posted by on June 18, 2011

Jon plays some beautiful songs (no, not upside down!):-

  1. “Waterfall”:
  2. “Game Day”:
  3. “I Saw Three Ships”:
  4. “Sacred Ground”:


And with a little help from friends:-

  1. “Love Story” (with Viva La Vida) (with Steven Sharp Nelson on the Cello and Bass Drum)
  2. “Michael Meets Mozart” (again with Steve Nelson):


And this one without a video yet but it is still lovely listening:

Best of all, if you visit Jon’s website, you can download some of his music he has graciously put up for free :D (on the home page):

One Response to Jon Schmidt – Another favourite pianist of mine

  1. Tifany

    I love Jon! He’s an awesome pianist & I like his method of teaching new students how to learn to read notes on the staff. Much better than the old fashioned way:)