Fishy Rhythm and Note Flashcards

Posted by on June 17, 2011

Susan Paradis created these delightful Fish Flashcards a little while ago to help students remember the values of notes.  They’re easy to use; print a set out, cut and laminate them.

Here are the different ways I use them:-

  1. You can use both sets as ‘normal’ flashcards
  2. Use just the notes for the student to tell you the values and vice versa
  3.  Attach large metal paper clips and have your students catch a note, then try to catch the matching value
  4. Play concentration (you might need to put a cover on these – my students are clever and try and cheat by looking through the cards)

Susan’s Note cards are found here:

The Rhythm value cards are found here:

Don’t forget to have a look at her other games whilst you’re over there.  She has been a very busy bee!

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