Singing Time Mother’s Day Mystery Items

Posted by on May 7, 2011

I borrowed an idea from Becky T on Sugardoodle and ran with it.  I made a master list, chose 8 relevant songs to Mother’s Day and found 8 matching items (listed).  The song numbers are there as well to help your pianist.

The second page has a picture of a heart you can use (or use your own picture).  I have a picture of ears and a house already laminated, so I will use those.  It also has a second list of ‘descriptions’ which you can blue tac or tape to your items.

A primary child will come up and choose an item from your bag/box, name it and read out the description.  See if the children can take a few seconds to guess what song it might be.

To print out a copy of these pages, click here: Mother’s Day Song Activity Singing Time

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