Easter song ‘Hosanna’ in Sacrament Meeting

Posted by on April 14, 2011

I know I’m not supposed to post until Darling Hubby has completed my new website, but I’m not that patient! ;D

Primary has been asked to sing in Sacrament Meeting this coming Sunday.  We have had one week to practise, as we had General Conference last Sunday.  Eek!

I decided to play it safe.  If you have an easy song with some extra accompaniment, it always sounds like you are WAY more prepared.  If it is a well polished accompaniment, it will sound extra special.

We are doing ‘Hosanna’ (CS 66-67).  We have one of the musical male teachers on a glockenspiel doing the ‘Ding, Dong, Ding” part (we got approval for this from our Bishopric), our male Primary Pianist on the piano, and then I will play the violin part for the “Hosanna!” echo descant to the end of the piece.  Our Primary President is going to conduct the children.  It would be fine with a flute, and I was going to play the recorder (nicely, of course) but I am a bit rusty on my recorder playing skills.  To cut a long story short, I am playing it on the violin instead – end of story! ;D

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