I Am Like A Star

Posted by on March 19, 2011

Our little sunbeams seem to sing better and sit still when they have visuals in front of them.  We hold Opening Exercises in the Chapel, so they need to be fairly reverent – and we are singing this for Opening Exercises tomorrow :D

Since I was having a ‘star’ week, doing star flash cards as general knowledge for my Preliminary Grade piano students, I thought I could do one more giant star, and add the words of this song.

I set my printer to print it out in Poster form (on 4 pieces of paper) so it could easily be seen up the front.  My original is not automatically set that way through.

To print out a copy, click here: I am like a star with words

I have also created a page of smaller versions of this, to use with Nursery.  I used the bigger star I used for Opening Exercises in Nursery, and the kids just LOVED the star.  I am going to laminate little ones.  They will probably point to the star, and hold it above their heads while they learn the words.  Repetition and building up repertoire in Nursery is the way to go!  To print out smaller stars, click here: I am like a star Nursery prop

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