Richard Rejino – What Music Means To Me

Posted by on February 8, 2011

Richard Rejino is a musician and photographer.  He has recently published a book titled ‘What Music Means To Me’ which has combined both his passions, and delved into the question posed to music students What Music Means to Me?

It looks like a fascinating read.  We have all been a student at some point, but as a teacher it is so easy to lose site of your focus and get carried away in the ‘teaching’ mode, rather than taking into account our students feelings.

Wendy Stevens (of Compose Create) was able to conduct an interview with Richard Rejino, found here: Richard Rejino interview.  Richard’s own website is here: What Music Means To Me.  He is currently working on his second book ‘What Teaching Means To Me’ (which I will be following with great interest).

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