Caterpillar song with LH Harmonics

Posted by on February 2, 2011

I decided to be very brave and write a song with LH harmonics.  My students absolutely love playing pieces that don’t quite fit into the ‘normal’ style of playing/composing.  Ones with harmonics, freedom of expression, cluster chords, playing with your fist etc seem to create a lot of enthusiasm, and you can guarantee those pieces will be practised and performed at home.

I have written this piece in 3/4 time.  It has a little bit of a lilt to it but it shouldn’t be played too fast.

Students might be able to hear the ‘munch’ sound the caterpillar makes in the middle of the piece.  What do they think happens at the end with the quintuplets? 

If you’d like to print out a copy for your students, click here: The Caterpillar Is So Slow

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