Kinder Beat – teaching 18 month to 3 year olds

Posted by on February 1, 2011
Posted 12 February 2010 on my music blog:-
A few years ago I was introduced to Kinder Beat. A music course aimed specifically at 3 to 4 year olds. I was curious as I was teaching piano to a couple of littlies and was having a few little problems with them, mainly at how to keep them interested during a 1/2 hour lesson.

I was so impressed with the Kinder Beat session and with Mark Gibson (the presenter) at Carlingford Music Centre, that I bought some of the books to use with my daughter. She ADORED the music and has continued to plod through her music (isn’t it tough being the piano teachers’ child?!).

Since then I have attended two teacher training sessions, became a licensed instructor, and am currently teaching Kinder Beat 2 to a 4 year old.

It is such a magical program. So far we have been able to do iconic reading, learn about duration, play percussion, learn how to move to music, how to take care of her Kinder Roo and Joey and so much more.

Kinder Roo is so loved, my little 4 year old got her a separate bag with a ribbon tie so that Kinder Roo would be safe until lesson time. How cute is that!

So what do I think the difference is between Kinder Beat and Kinder Musik? Well I have to say that I was going to become a Kinder Musik educator, but something didn’t quite sit right. I can sing, but I didn’t want to be singing for that long without accompaniment. The lessons just seemed to be a bunch of kids sitting around on a sheet on the floor singing songs that sounded like traditional folk songs, but weren’t catchy enough to gain my attention. If it wasn’t interesting enough to me, how could I possible teach the program to kids? They were really trying to push for educators to buy their musical instruments etc too. Well what if I have my own instruments at home?

Kinder Beat is just so different. There is a follow on keyboard course, all of it links together, which is what parents want. There is no pressure to buy instruments from Encore. They are Queensland based, so can provide training, you can call them up and they are most willing to help with any questions you have. And Morna. MORNA is absolutely MAGICAL. She had me absolutely mesmerised and if she had offered, I would have signed up for Kinder Beat lessons with her right then and there! (and then would have been faced with having to tell my husband that we were moving to Queensland). The teacher guides are there just as guides, you can chop and change whatever you like (action-wise and instrument-wise) to suit the kids in your music class. I like not having that obligation that I MUST do things in a particular way. I like that if I feel a student is having trouble in a particular area ie movement co-ordination, we can spend longer going over things and it may take us a few weeks longer to finish the course, but that’s okay.

There are things you can purchase from Encore apart from the book ie I bought the most amazing Rainbow Ring (which my husband calls “The Giant Scrunchie”), they have streamers which double as rhythm sticks that are so much fun to use. Oh and the bears. Kinder Bear is just the right size to fit snugly in my hand, and Kinder Roo is just as soft. I have one of the original Kinder Bears and it is more of a lemony colour than the new ones. I have made sure mine has my name on him, and he’s not leaving my sight!

The music is so catchy, the singers aren’t bad. It is just put together so well.

I could go on for hours, but I think you get my drift. Kinder Beat comes highly recommended from me.

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