Dinosaur Stomp – getting creative with little composers

Posted by on January 9, 2011

For one of the groups of students at my Holiday Music Camp, I am going to use this simple rhythm.  I do know that Paleontologists dig up dinosaur bones really, but it’s all part of the ‘Archaeology’ fun of our Studio Theme.

My students need to clap this rhythm through, and work out a simple tune.  I’m going to suggest they use C major and the rules are; they must begin on either a C (tonic) or a G (dominant), and they MUST end on a C.  Easy!  To be really simple they could use a 5 finger pattern!  They’re going to write letter names only above the rhythm for this exercise rather than write out the notes on a staff,  because they’re beginner students and writing it out again would be a daunting task for them at this stage.

For a copy of the Dinosaur Stomp rhythm, click here: DINOSAUR STOMP

If you were going to use this for violin students (and I will later on), have them use the notes on their favourite string.  If they’re clever, they might like two strings (e.g. D and A), but it isn’t supposed to be a daunting beginning composing experience for them.

You could even assign this as homework one week and see what your students come up with!

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