The Versatile Blogger Award

Posted by on January 8, 2011

Wow, so I don’t get many awards these days, but I was very touched to receive this award from Heidi at Heidi’s Piano Notes.  Thanks Heidi!!! :D

To accept this award, I must…
1-Link back to the person who gave me the award.
2-Share 7 random things about myself.
3-Pass the award along to other blogs I love.
4-And make sure I tell the “awardees” about the award.

So, seven random things about myself:-

1. I love turkish delight.  Cadbury turkish delight is just…well…delightful!

2. I have 8 rabbits that I love and adore and sometimes if I need a cuddle, I’ll go and pick up one of the younger ones and snuggle it for a bit.  Therapeutic having a content creature having its cheeks tickled sitting on your lap.

3. My mother was my first music teacher.  She taught me how to be a bell ringer and to play the recorder.  She also taught me the beginnings of playing the piano but she wasn’t very patient at that! Reminds me – I shall have to write up some recorder music and post it on this site.

4. I first wanted to learn to play the violin after attending a Pan Pacific Music Camp where a guy named Andrew told a humorous story about members in his family playing the violin different ways (e.g.  someone played it held over their head, someone else played it like a cello, another family member played it like a banjo etc).  I fell in love with the sound and wanted to attend the trial lessons they were holding, but they thought my age group was too young.  I remember sobbing so my mother spoke to the director, and they let me have a turn.  I fell in love with the instrument but it took a few years before my parents bought me a violin and let me take lessons.  Thanks Andrew, wherever you are!!!

5. I love the colour blue.  Different shades of blues, depending on my moods.

6. I refuse to go swimming unless the water is over 30 degrees C.  Brrrrr!!!

7. I am a neat freak, usually.  I can’t concentrate if I am in a messy room and if there is unrelated noise.

I’m going to pass The Versatile Blogger award on to Jen of Jen’s Piano Studio.  You can find lots of fun games there, and printable teaching materials.

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