Christmas Match-Up

Posted by on December 11, 2010

No fancy pictures, just the first 4 bars/measures.

I created some giant cards with well known Christmas songs on them, using only the first 4 bars of each song.  You could print them out on coloured paper to make them more ‘Christmassy’ – one colour for the songs and a different one for the song titles.

There are a few different ways to play with these cards:-

  1. Use the songs as sight reading for your students.  See if they can guess what the song is.
  2. Use the cards as a group game.  Play memory/concentration
  3. Have the cards face up on the floor for a faster version of memory, and see if the student/s can match up the song with the name.
  4. I used these in my Ward Primary Singing Time on Sunday and stuck the cards up on the wall and numbered the back of each card.  Kids had to pick one song, listen to it played then name it .  Because these kids couldn’t sight sing, I had our accompanist play the song and they had to figure out what it was first before they could check that it matched up with the song name.  You could have them choose a song first and then the name, however my cards turned out to be see-through on the wall.

To print out a copy of the song titles/names, click here: Christmas Match Up song titles

I wrote the songs out separately (first 4 bars only), so you can either download all the files, or take your pick if you have favourites.

Christmas Match-up Angels We Have Heard on High

Christmas Match-up Away in a Manger

Christmas Match-up Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Christmas Match-up Joy to the World

Christmas Match-up O Come All Ye Faithful

Christmas Match-up Silent Night

Christmas Match-up The First Noel

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