The Dig Challenge

Posted by on December 8, 2010

To start next year off, my exam students are going to face a few challenges.  Ten of them to be exact.

I want to make sure they are on track with their examination work and they’re having fun at the same time.  A lot of my students are still learning to set their own personal goals when it comes to learning exam work (those still in the early years of AMEB exams) so I need to teach them how to set goals and challenges so that no-one is leaving anything to the last minute.

To tie in with the theme “The Great Music Dig”, students are allocated a laminated ‘The Dig Challenge’ sheet.  Each lesson they are issued with a ‘challenge’, and if they complete the challenge the next week, they are rewarded with ‘Dig Points’.  If they don’t complete the challenge, they have to keep it for that week and try the next week.

I have come up with my own challenges for my students.   The aim is once a challenge has been perfected, the student needs to maintain it yet work on other challenges as well until all the work is done.  My challenges are here: The Dig Challenge challenges for Grade 4 Violin

I know some teachers work at exam work differently, but I hate the fact I have a massive 6 week break coming up over Christmas and you can guarantee that students will have a holiday and we’re back to square one when we start back again in Feb 2011.

This keeps my students, at least, on track.

Let me know if this works for you!

To download ‘The Dig Challenge’ and ‘Dig Points’, click here:  The Dig Challenge

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