Cheap violins – are they worth it?

Posted by on November 7, 2010

This great post by Laurie Niles points out the difference between ‘Violin Shaped Objects’ and ‘real violins’ beautifully, complete with pictures.

  • What price (in US dollars) should we be paying for a decent student violin outfit?
  • What should the fingerboard be like?
  • What should the bridge be like?
  • What can I look for in a sound post?
  • Is the violin supported by the purfling, or does purfling even exist?

I personally cringe when I hear a parent of a student say “Hey, I found this bargain violin on Ebay for $100 bucks!”  Then I have to spend the next however many years spending 10 mins tuning the rotten thing at the start of each lesson. Oh, and NEVER buy an Aldi violin.  They are TERRIBLE! (You can’t even burn them :(

Click on the link here: Cheap Violins for Sale Are Not A Good Deal

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