Four Corner Drill Group Game

Posted by on November 1, 2010

This is a great drill game for 4 or more students.

To play:-

  1. You need 4 cards that need drilling (whether it be a rhythm or notes – ie Semibreve, Minim, Crotchet and Quaver)
  2. Stick duplicate cards up in the 4 corners of your room (unless students know from memory – to make it harder).
  3. Students need to pick a corner of the room to stand in.
  4. You hold up a drill card.  The students who are standing in the corner of the room that matches the drill card are out.
  5. Continue playing until you have one student left – they win a prize.

You can use this game to drill so many things:-

  • Theory terms (tempo, dynamics – intensity of sound, other terms, string terms).  Have these four general headings in each corner of your room.  Hold up  terms from your Manual of Syllabuses to drill your students.  Variation: Students have to put their hand up if they know what the term means.  First person to put their hand up gets to answer.  If a student can answer correctly, they are safe.
  • Note values.  You can have ‘Semibreve’, Minim’, Crotchet’ and ‘Quaver’ up in the corners of your room.  A great drill for younger students.
  • Theory Tunes.  There are three tunes of course, but you can add a random one of your own.  Students need to recognise the tune that is being played.  If they are in the corner of the tune being played, they are out.
  • Rhythms.  If you have some particularly tricky rhythms, choose 4 of those, have your own set of flashcards and either hold one up or clap randomly.  If students are in the corner of the rhythm you are clapping, they are out.

One Response to Four Corner Drill Group Game

  1. Hannah

    This is such a great idea, thank you!! I hope to use it soon. :) The room I am using doesn’t have four distinct “corners,” so I will have big printed versions for the kids to stand on.