Counts and Chocolate Cake

Posted by on October 18, 2010

Ever had trouble remembering the note counts/values? 

When I only had a couple of students, and they were beginners, I would bake a cake (or cupcakes) and we would dissect them into Semibreves, Minims and Crotchets (aka whole notes, half notes and quarter notes).  Now I just talk about the visual image to my students, but it really isn’t quite as much fun as actually cutting up the cakes, then eating them at the end.

I really am not great with any other program except Word (I was a Word Processing Operator), however I occasionally get the urge to mess around with Publisher and see what I can do. I came up with these giant floor cards/posters with a yummy looking chocolate cake to show students how a ‘Great Big Whole Note/Cake’ would look as a cake etc.

To print out the posters, click here: Note Values in Chocolate Cake

To print out some whole cakes, half cakes and quarter cakes for other games, click here: Note Values in Chocolate Cake cake tiles

Note: The tiles are not all the same size.  I find a great way to use these is to have your student make up a rhythm picture then play it using percussion instruments or any note of their choice on their instrument.

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