Four Mystery Halloween Pieces

Posted by on October 8, 2010

We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Australia.  I have noticed more and more kids trick or treating around my area each year though.

I find it’s a great excuse to get my students to do something different and perhaps do some Halloween composing or play some Halloween rhythm games.

This year I have written up 4 mystery pieces for my violin and piano students (grade 1 and above) to play and try figure out what the songs are.  It is a great sight reading exercise for them.

Because I’m not sure of copyright, I have only written up brief exerpts from whatever was rattling around in my head and I haven’t named them (hence ‘Mystery’).  Of course I know what they are :D

I have only printed out one copy  and laminated them so I can use them with each intended student.  They seem to really like the mystery behind it all, so it is an something I am looking forward to doing with them.

Here are the Mystery Halloween pieces:-

Mystery Halloween Song  1

Mystery Halloween Piece 2

Mystery Halloween Piece 3

Mystery Halloween Piece 4

I did write them while it was bucketing down with rain here, and it was a mad rush to get them done before our server malfunctioned (which it did).  Feel free to revamp them if you so choose.

PS – Yes, one mystery piece involves claps, and your student could choose to click in it instead.  I am married to a ‘non-clicker’ (seriously, he can’t click) so I leave that optional just in case any student has ‘clicking issues’.  They could also tap lightly on the piano if they preferred.

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