‘Tex Mex Rex’ – a fantastic book especially for the boys

Posted by on October 2, 2010

I have to confess, I went totally nuts during the last Hal Leonard sale and as I am in Australia and could only view the online catalogue, I had to mostly pick music based on the title without being able to sight read it.

I blindly purchased a book called ‘Tex Mex Rex and other dancing dinosaurs’ by Phillip Keveren and it has turned out to be the most requested book for my 9 to 12 year old male students.  I encourage my students to let me know what kind of music they like, or what they might like to learn, and then I play some things to see if they might like what I’m playing (because at that age, they generally only know Pirates of the Caribbean or Harry Potter).  Yup, this dinosaur book with pictures for them to colour in or paper mache (whatever they want to do) has been a big hit.

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