October 2010 Music Conference ‘Refresh and Recharge’

Posted by on September 19, 2010

The Music Teacher’s Association and Allan’s Music Education are holding a music conference for all music teachers (whether you are an MTA member or not).

Presenters include:

David Miller AM, Nick Peterson, Elissa Milne, Samantha Coates, Michael Ireland, Chris Wallace, Susan Deas, Barry Walmsley and the NSW Trustee and Guardian.

Topics include:

The Art of Accompanying, Music Technology in the Studio, Piano Repertoire, Playing by Ear, Arming Private Teachers of HSC Students, The Inherited Student, Conquering Rhythm, Instrumental/Vocal Teaching.

To see the brochure detailing the day, click here: Music Teacher’s Association Conference Programme

For more information including payment and booking details, contact the Music Teachers Association through: Music Teacher’s Association’s contact info and Conference Details

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