Bass Clef Lines and Spaces Posters

Posted by on September 18, 2010

Some teachers like to use landmark notes, others use ‘rhymes’ or mnemonics to memorise the lines and spaces.  I like to use a combination of both – you can’t go wrong then :D

I have these posters on the wall in my teaching area above my piano.  Most of my students don’t need to look at them, but they come in handy for my littlies who may have trouble remembering and need a reminder.

The bass clef lines ‘rhyme’ is a tad disrespectful to poor Granny, but my grandmother thought it was a huge joke and wasn’t offended at all, and you can guarantee that this is one rhyme/mnemonic students WILL remember.

Pictures are c/o Webweaver Free Clipart as I can’t draw to save my life.

To print out a copy of the Bass Clef Lines poster, click here: Granny’s Brains Don’t Function Anymore Poster

For the Bass Clef Spaces poster, click here: All Cows Eat Grass poster

For a beautifully inspiring Tip on learning these note names, check out ‘Just 3 mins a day’ from the Music for Tots Blogspot.  Cathy is so positive about everything she does and in this tip, she brings up the point that not every child is the same, so they won’t all learn their notes the same way.  Trying to find out what works best for them is all part of the fun of music teaching!

2 Responses to Bass Clef Lines and Spaces Posters

  1. Michelle

    I used the express “All Cows Eat Grass” until one of my newer students pointed out that “All Cows Eat Green Beans.” This saying included the space for the B that sits on the Bass clef. In all my 20 + years I had never heard it said that way. Needless to say, my 6 year old transfer student taught me something that day.

  2. admin

    Wow, that’s such a clever one! I’ve never heard that one either. Thanks for sharing.