Music practise at home – ‘three times in a row correct’ with sounds

Posted by on August 30, 2010

Practise at home doesn’t have to become drudgery.  If you keep things fresh for your kids, they can absolutely love the time they spend with their instrument.

My kids love to play their pieces 3 times through (each piece) and proudly ring one of the three bells I have sitting on top of my piano once they have played the piece correctly (see my post on ‘three times in a row correct’ game).

Soon, I will take the bells away and put up three soft toy farm animals that each make a different sound.  My kids will ADORE getting these toys to make their sounds once they have successfully played their pieces through.

You could even use a ‘ring for service’ bell, ‘clappers’, a rain maker or slide whistle.  Anything that makes a great noise is going to get kids intrigued.

The aim is to get kids on that piano stool or in front of the music stand first and playing.  The bonus is that you’re not rewarding them with lollies, rather with another sound.

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