Treble Clef Lines and Spaces

Posted by on July 9, 2010

Here are some posters I made up to go with the mnemonics I use for the Treble Clef.  I was taught the “Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit” one when I was first learning, but combine that with the “Good Boys Deserve Fruit Always” for the bass clef lines, I used to get very confused!  I like the “Elephants” mnemonic, and it seems to stick in the heads of most of my students, however if they have one they favour more then I encourage them to use whatever rhyme they can get in their heads.  Of course, I have a rather catchy slightly disrespectful to Grandmas one for the bass clef lines, but that’s for another post.

Here we have “Spaces are Faces”  (for the spaces in the treble clef) and “Elephants Get Big Dirty Feet” (for the lines).

Spaces Are Faces poster

Elephants Get Big Dirty Feet poster

One Response to Treble Clef Lines and Spaces

  1. Jack

    I guess there are many mnemonics for lines and spaces. My original exposure has stayed with me for a long time because it is an old, but good one:

    LINES: Every good boy does fine. BASS CLEF: Good boys do fine always.

    Just a matter of preference, I guess.