I Vow To Thee My Country

Posted by on June 19, 2010

I arranged this moving melody for a performance in our ANZAC Day Sacrament Meeting a few years ago.  I arranged it as a Soprano/Alto duet with piano accompaniment.

To print a full score copy of I Vow to Thee My Country, click here: I Vow to Thee My Country

I Vow To Thee My Country - Holst (Sop/Alt duet with piano accomp.)

Edited to add: A year and a half later, and I seem to have lost a few files. All is well though.  I have been able to write up a solo violin part for this song without the dotted quaver rhythms.  You can find the solo violin part here: I Vow To Thee My Country – violin solo.  It is in D Major and is in larger print to make it a little easier.
The only problem is that if you want a piano part to play with the violin, you’ll have to read a transposed version of my original, complete with dotted quaver rhythms.  I’m going to suggest that the piano player would be able to read the piano part well enough, and therefore leave out the dotted quaver rhythms if accompanying the violin.  Easy! ;D  Unfortunately the words seemed to translate into an unknown language (the joys of computers), so I deleted the words in the transposed version.  The now transposed D Major score is here: I-Vow-to-Thee-My-Country D major score

2 Responses to I Vow To Thee My Country

  1. helen morgan

    Hi- thanks for the I vow to thee my country score copy- Its one of my favourites!
    I was after a copy for my daughter to play on her violin- my younger one has just started, and they love to play simple duets togehter! ( The elder one has just passed grade one, but is very ambitious) do you have this lovely piece of music in violin format please?

    Thanks very much

  2. admin

    You’re welcome, Helen!

    So far I have only been able to write out the top part for violin but I can do the second part later this week. Are your children both learning violin? Or is one playing piano? They sound like they really enjoy their music!

    Hope you (and daughters) enjoy this gorgeous piece :D