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Easter Singing Time

Tomb-and-stone-rolled-away-Singing-TimeI’m keeping it really simple tomorrow.  I’m using a picture of a tomb facing the front. On the back is a picture of the tomb with the stone rolled away (they’re stuck together back to back, and laminated).  I will write a song on the side with the stone rolled away.

Reverent children will be able to come up the front and choose a ‘tomb’.  Turn it over, and see what song is on the side with the stone rolled away, then we get to sing it.

We have Invitation Sunday tomorrow, so I think Singing Time will be short and sweet anyway.

Here’s the printout: Tomb and stone rolled away Singing Time

I Can Prepare Now to Serve A Mission – September Week 3

I found a fantastic looking Maze in the May Friend Magazine here: http://lds.org/friend/2011/05/missionary-maze?lang=eng&query=Missionary and as my Primary loved the last Maze I did with them, I decided to do another one.  The instructions are “Help the missionaries find their way to their appointment. Remember to follow the one-way streets!”  It doesn’t tie in exactly with the topic of the week, but it’s close enough!

Mazes confuse me, so I marked in eight ‘song’ spots along the way, so that you can sing your Presentation Songs as you go.  I think it will help my Sunbeams know which direction to go as well.

Because there are only eight ‘turns’, you could have the names of your primary children in a container, and you pull the names out, or ask teachers to choose reverent children.  I like the container idea, because it’s fair.  Keep that container for these sorts of games, and divide it into two parts.  One side for those who have had a turn, and one side for those who haven’t.  Simply move the names over when the children have had turns.

If you have a large Primary, you could have a class choose the next ‘direction.

Back to the maze…I printed mine out in Poster form, so it came out nice and large.  The children won’t be able to see it the size it is at the moment.  Here’s the maze (in A4 size): Missionary Maze

My husband very kindly meddled around and got the missionaries separated on their bikes so we can move them around the maze.  They are here, but don’t blow them up to poster format,  they’re fine just as they are: Missionary Maze Missionaries on Bikes

The Gospel Will Be Preached in All the World – September Week 2

In keeping with the Missionary Theme for this month, I flipped through the September Friend Magazine on Sunday and found this:-


…which has some cards you can cut out to play Memory/Concentration with.  I thought they would be awesome to use for Singing Time, so I enlarged them a little and added backs (because my kids like to cheat!).

I am going to give my Pianist a list of the Presentation songs we need to run through and with each match, we will just do the next one on the list.  If you wanted to use ‘Missionary’ themed songs (if your presentation is over..lucky you!), you can just write the songs you want to sing on the cards with ‘writing’, rather than the picture cards.  Does that make sense?

You could also have the children make their own set of cards to use for Sharing Time – just do a copy/printout of what is in the Friend Magazine link for each child.

Here is the link to the enlarged cards and backs: The Gospel Will Be Preached in All The World Memory Game

Hum Your Favorite / Favourite Hymn Flip Chart

I want to use this song  in Opening Exercises on the last Sunday in August, but I really needed a flip chart.  Couldn’t find one no matter hard I looked, so I resolved myself to the fact that I was just going to have to figure out how to create one all on my own.  So I did!  It’s not brilliant, but it will do the job.

So until someone does a better one ;D here’s the Australian version: Hum Your Favourite Hymn Flip Chart Aussie Spelling

…and just because I could, I did one with American spelling as well: Hum Your Favourite Hymn Flip Chart US Spelling

Happy singing!

2011 Presentation Song Revision UNO Style

I have been reading a few other Primary Music Leader blogs (this one and this one) and they mention using the Uno game to revise tricky verses to songs.  It seems that it justs keeps getting added to and I loved the concept so much, so here is my addition:-


Here’s how it works:-

  •  You choose one verse of a song that you need to revise.  Divide that verse up into four sections, and print each of those sections out on 4 different colours of paper (or use the coloured paper as a background).  You’ll have one part of the verse red, one part yellow, one part blue and one part blue.  Stick those up on the wall.
  • Divide your Primary up into teams (either rows or classes).  Give each team 7 cards each (rig them if you must, so each team gets a couple of action cards as well).
  • Now here’s where it differs a little from the normal game of Uno: the aim is not to match up the colours of the cards.  It doesn’t matter which card the children put down, so long as their team doesn’t put down two action cards in a row. 
  • There are ‘action’ Uno cards (that are fairly self explanatory – ‘Draw Two’, ‘Draw 4′, ‘Skip’, ‘Reverse’ and ‘Wild’).
  • Wild cards need a little explanation.  The children can choose to sing…standing on one leg, holding their nose, with their hands in the air, with their eyes closed etc.  You may have ones in your stash of Primary goodies that you can use in this instance (or there are some here:http://divinesecretsofaprimarychorister.blogspot.com/2008/11/sing-like.html) .
  • There are also plain coloured cards.  If a red card is put down, everyone has to sing the part of the verse on the red paper. If a yellow card is turned over, everyone has to sing the part of the verse on the yellow paper etc.
  • You can choose who gets to start, or do a ‘demonstration’ round by putting the first one down.

Note: I have included backs for the cards as well (the last page of the pdf).

‘The Pioneers worked hard and sacrified to build Temples’ – Singing Time

Here’s what I’m hoping to do this Sunday during Singing Time (fingers crossed I don’t get sick!).  I decided to put some pioneer songs in a game and leave the ‘theme’ of the week to the Primary Presidency for Sharing Time.

I’m going to use one die and one marker and not split up into groups – it would take too long that way.  They are going to all share one marker and take turns rolling the die, and I will move their counter.  I think this game will be good for both Junior and Senior Primary.  We don’t sing Pioneer songs often, so it will be good for the children.  We may not sing all the verses of all those songs for Jnr Primary.

I’m going to print mine out as a poster so it will be bigger, and laminate it (I laminate everything!!).  Just use a simple circle as the marker.  I have a big die that is easy to roll that I’ll use for this game.

The songs are:

  1. To be a pioneer (CS 218)
  2. Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked (CS214)
  3. The Handcart Song (CS 220)
  4. Whenever I Think About Pioneers (CS 222)
  5. I Love To See The Temple (CS 95) – have to get that one in there! ;D

Here’s where you can find the game: Pioneer Music Trek Game

I used an image I found on Sugardoodle that had some pioneers with Handcards just in case you wanted to use them as markers.  You can find them here: Pioneer Music Trek Game Handcarts.  I hope they’re small enough!  I have outlined them in four different colours in case anyone wanted to use them for Family Home Evening.

Baptism Singing Time

I was having to think really hard about what to do for next week’s singing time.  I need to review some of our Presentation songs, but I wanted them to tie in somehow with our Sharing Time.  We did a maze today, so I thought a puzzle may work well for next week.

You can choose what songs you would like to sing.  I have allowed for 4 of them on the back of the puzzle pieces (in a 15-20 min singing time, I think I can fit 4 songs in with this activity).  We will sing:-

– When I am Baptised (CS 103)

– The Fourth Article of Faith (CS 124)

– Search, Ponder and Pray (CS 109)

– Baptism (CS 100)

I love this picture.  It is from this site: http://www.ldsclipart.com/clipart/baptism?bwbps_page_8=2 and the puzzle template is from here: http://www.dltk-kids.com/crafts/miscellaneous/puzzle.htm  I have put them together in Publisher, so you should simply be able to print, paste the pages together, cut and laminate if you wish.  Hide the puzzle pieces under the children’s chair, have them in a jumble blue tac’d to the board/wall up the front or scatter them around the walls of the room and have the children ‘look’ for the pieces quietly with their eyes.  The most reverent child can go and get the puzzle piece.

For a copy of the Baptism Puzzle, click here: Baptism Puzzle

‘Repentance Brings Forgiveness’ Singing Time Activity

My singing time this Sunday is going to be based on a story from the Friend Magazine (link is as the end of this post).

You need:-

  • - A copy of the story (found here: Showing Sorry)
  • - A large laminated copy of the maze (I printed mine in poster format then laminated it). The maze is found in the link at the end of this post.
  • - A list of repentance songs to sing and complete maze pictures (found here: Eli’s Maze complete pictures)  I cut out the pictures and glued the ‘matching’ songs or actions to the back of the pictures.  Blue tac these up on the wall/whiteboard next to the maze.
  1. Read the story out to Jnr Singing Time and have Snr Singing Time read out the story in order.
  2. Show them Eli’s map. Choose reverent children to draw their way from Eli to objects on the map, eventually reaching Mum.  The aim is not to knock over any more piles of washing!
  3. As the children reach objects/people on the maze , turn over the corresponding picture and sing the songs or do the actions.  If you don’t like the ones I have chosen that’s easy!  Write your own on the back.

The original idea for this story is here:http://lds.org/ldsorg/v/index.jsp?hideNav=1&locale=0&sourceId=17f0ad2dbbb94210VgnVCM100000176f620a____&vgnextoid=21bc9fbee98db010VgnVCM1000004d82620aRCRD

Post edit: I saved the picture of ‘Eli’ until last, as it was great to finish on ‘I Am A Child of God’.  This singing time worked really well for both my Jnrs and Snrs today.  If you don’t have much time, read the story out to the Snrs instead.  I handed the front row the cut up storyline and they read it one by one.

Giant remote control – Singing Time

Just for something different, I quickly did up a giant remote control (a cardboard box, covered with brown paper and this Singing Time Remote Control stuck on it) to resemble a giant remote control. 

I exaggerated my movements in our Primary’s Singing Time by pressing a button and calling it out.  Really overdo this – they love it.  Calling it out also helps your pianist know what you’ve just ‘pressed’.

  • Stop – stop singing
  • Start – start singing
  • Swap places – teachers, leaders and children need to swap places with someone sitting very near to them.  I am also going to swap with my pianist – poor guy ;D
  • Swap back – the chance for my pianist to get his seat back, and for all teachers, leaders and children to return to their original seats.
  • Fast – sing at a faster speed
  • Slow – sing at a slower speed

The kids loved it when I swapped with out pianist.  I play the piano as well, so he decided to be cheeky and keep pressing ‘fast’, then he made up ‘faster’.  LOL !

Praise to the Man actions and signs for Primary

Next Sunday I’m going to have the Primary children listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing this gorgeous hymn whilst we sing along, do some actions and hold up signs.  Sounds confusing, doesn’t it.

The Mormon Tabernacle sings Praise to the Man on their CD aptly named ‘Praise To The Man’.  The same song can be found here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5id63Twddk

We are going to sing the first verse together.

The men in the MTChoir sing the second verse but as Primary don’t need to learn that just yet (helpful if they could though as it will be a congregational hymn), I am going to have them conduct it along with me.

Then we’re all singing the chorus, the third verse and the following chorus.

Then the fun begins.  We get to tap our (with both hands flat on our laps – me sitting down of course) the fantastic drum part for verse Four and the following chorus.

This version has a coda at the end where the choir sings Verse 4 again, so we’re going to conduct as well.

Clear as mud?  Simpler instructions are found here, as well as signs I’m going to ask children to hold up when they hear certain words.  You can choose how many copies of the words/signs you wish to print up.  Perhaps two or three copies so all the children get to hold up something each: Praise to the Man actions and signs

I am also going to go through the meanings of the tricky words we’re singing.  If you want a copy of that, click here: Praise to the Man definitions  I have written the ‘official’ definition of ‘dispensation’ in small writing, but it isn’t really necessary for the younger children.  We’re going to play match up really quickly.

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