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2017 Pass the Musical Parcel

Needing something to do with the Jnr Primary children after the Primary Presentation, I decided to keep it simple with a 2017 version of Pass the Musical Parcel.

I came up with 8 cards (stick one on the outside layer as well, so they can sing that one as they pass the parcel around).  I did put in a cheap Kmart toy in each layer, and had a container full of toys for the children to take one each as they left to go to their classes.

Make up your own, adding in your own songs, or add in a different action that they need to do while they pass that parcel around.  Our Jnrs absolutely loved the game, and the only issue they had was getting the circle they were sitting in WAAAAY too small.  They were practically sitting on each others’ laps, so I had to keep wiggling them back.

But it was hilarious, and the children were so good.

Here are my 8 cards (yes, they’re different sizes, they’re only going to get torn off and thrown in the bin anyway): Pass the Musical Parcel 2017

Freeze Like This – Action Song

Once we had completed our hard work today, learning If I Listen With My Heart, I did ‘Freeze Like This’ with Jnr Primary.


I printed out the pictures from Kami’s Primary Music Ideas site (link here) and pasted them on to thick cardboard.


My Jnr Primary were already sitting in a big circle on their chairs, so I had them stand up in front of me, in the middle of the room.


Go through the original song with the children, then show them the pictures.  Can they stand like this? (show them the first card).


If you’re happy and you know it, freeze like this (show a card)

If you’re happy and you know it, freeze like this (show another card)

If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it

If you’re happy and you know it, freeze like this (show another card).


The children absolutely LOVED it!  We started off really slow for the first time through the cards, then did it faster.  The children got their wiggles out, and the teachers commented afterwards that they thought it was such a great way to do the song.  The sunbeam children asked to sing it again in their class.


I did it with Snr Primary too, to see what they would think (was it too babyish for them?)  They really enjoyed it too, especially the Snr boys.