Noah was Blessed for Choosing the Right

This is what Phil is doing tomorrow in Singing Time:-

Animal match-up with pictures from here:

Concentration/Memory is really easy.  He thought this was a safe activity to do after teaching the children ‘Choose the Right’ for 10 mins.

The crazy thing is that he is useless with laminating, so I get that job.  Lucky me!  We cut around the animals and lightly pasted them onto*paper, then laminated them.

The *paper was yellow A5 sheets cut in half so that the children can’t see through and cheat.

Released :( and a new calling

Sadly I was released, and sustained yesterday as First Counsellor in our Primary.  I could have happily stayed in the Primary Music Leader calling forever, but it was not to be.

Now here’s the funny thing.  My husband was called as the new Primary Music Leader.  All he has to do really, is pull some flip charts and games from the giant storage container we have upstairs with all the ‘stuff’ in it relevant to that calling. The hard work has already been done. (*Mutters* he’s lucky I love him).

I am excited about my new calling though.  I have done it a few times before. The first time with Pre-natal Depression which didn’t go so well, and the second time with a fantastic Primary Presidency, and we worked really well together.  Our new President is absolutely lovely, very organised and…well…we seem to have been separated at birth and get along really well, so it should be lots of fun :D

I reviewed this month’s song with the children again using a flip chart found at Sugardoodle.  We spent about 8mins on that, then did the scarecrow/crows and corn visual that I had used last year. I found it one one of those Singing Time CD’s that you can print off in colour, laminate and cut out, then you’re ready to go.  I can’t remember which CD it was though.

Hehehe our Primary Pianist was telling some ‘corny’ jokes though.  I’m not sure that they were really ‘sweet’, but I certainly got an ‘ear’ full of them ;D (especially when he said the kids sounded a little ‘husky’, and hopefully they wouldn’t ‘pop’) LOL!

I found the ‘All I need to know, I learned in Primary’ poster on this site: and I absolutely adore it!

I’m sure I’ll be able to continue posting some music idea hints due to my husband’s calling.  He has a completely different way of doing things, so there’s bound to be some interesting things going on in our Primary.  A giant lollypop was mentioned yesterday…

Happy New Year with a Truth or Consequences Game

I spent about 10 mins teaching the Primary children our 2012 song.  I had them learn the chorus.  Then I sang the verses, and they joined in each Chorus.  The children didn’t find it an overly exciting song, but I’m sure it will grow on them.

Our poor Primary children are coming off their sugar high from Christmas, so I gathered they were going to be a somewhat rowdy bunch today.  Yup, I was right.  Good thing I had organised to do a Truth or Consequences game that I found here:

I adapted the game a little in this way:-

You need:-

  • Truth or Consequences action cards
  • Printout of questions to ask with songs (don’t forget to give a copy to your Pianist so they can find the songs easily)
  • Whiteboard Marker or chalk if you have a chalkboard
  • Co-operative and enthusiastic teachers/Primary presidency

How to play:-

  • Ask a child to come up the front to play.  Ask them a really easy question.
  • If the child gets the question correct, draw a smiley face up on the whiteboard.
  • If the child answers the question incorrectly, they have to choose a consequence card.
  • Sing the song (with the consequence action depending on the outcome).
  • Ask a teacher to come up the front.  Ask them a really hard question.
  • If the teacher gets the question correct, draw a smiley face up on the whiteboard (no teams – it’s just fun to collect smiley faces).
  • Usually the teacher will need to choose a consequence card, or they can have on of their class students choose one for them.
  • Do the song with the consequence action.

We had an absolute blast playing this game.

It is a game that could be played any week this month as it goes fairly well with the theme.

Sunday Funnies

One of our brilliant CTR teachers was saying that she taught her 5 year olds a lesson on Fasting.  She dedicated the entire lesson to the principle of fasting, along with some hands on activities on the subject.  The next Sunday she reviewed what they had learned the week before.  “Can anyone tell me what Fasting is?”  None of the children answered.  She asked again “Anybody?  Does anyone know what fasting is?”

One child piped up “It’s when you run really, really fast!”.

(Hehehe all that effort put into the lesson, and she got that response.  LOL!)

Gift Tag Singing Time

I found a site called Kadenscorner.comthat has some fantastic printables.  You can sign up for free to access 3 downloads (a month, I think), and if you require more, you can pay for a subscription.

I came across these cute gift tags: and thought a lovely idea for Singing Time would be to prepare a ‘present’ (a box wrapped up nicely), possibly with a scripture inside to read out at the end.  On the outside you could attach a whole heap of the gift tag cards, each with a song to sing.  Plough your way through the songs to get to the present inside.

Great if you want to hand out mini candy canes or lollipops to the children as well, but I like the idea of just having a scripture to read about the Saviour inside.  He is, after all, our greatest gift!

It’s Christmas in Primary!

My adorable Primary Children sang in Sacrament Meeting today.  We had a bit of a hiccup – our Primary pianist didn’t get up to play, and I couldn’t see him sitting waaaaaay up the back (what a cheeky man he is! ;D) so I had to ask my husband to hold up the words so that I could play.  We have a great bunch of children who all got up, stood together and didn’t even giggle when one of them got a fit of sneezes right in the middle.

I’m so proud of them!

For Junior Singing Time, I got a large laminated Christmas Tree and labelled laminated ornaments from 1-13 (weird number, I know!).  I gave our Primary Pianist a list of the numbers with songs to go on the back. Here’s what they were:-

  1. (star) I am Like a Star #163
  2. (bell) Christmas Bells #54
  3. (angel) I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus #78
  4. (stocking) Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes #275
  5. (gingerbread man) My Hands #273
  6. (snowflake) I Wiggle #271
  7. (present) Picture a Christmas #50
  8. (candle) Little Jesus #39
  9. (wreath) I am a Child of God #2
  10. (holly and berries) Once there was a Snowman #249
  11. (drum) Fun to Do #253
  12. (bow) Sing a Song #253
  13. (candy cane) Hinges #277

I got the tree and ornaments out of a book I purchased titled ‘Super Singing Activities’. 

You could print out your own tree and ornaments, or use a miniature ‘real’ tree with decorations.

Christmas Action Cards

Alison over at her Oopsy Daisy Blog has come up with some fantastic looking ‘Christmas Action Cards’.  You can use them with your little ones at home, or for Nursery, or for Singing Time in Primary. 

I will use them in between our ‘serious’ songs that we are learning for upcoming events.  I can show a card or two during an action song – something like ‘Book of Mormon Stories’ or Popcorn Popping…you know the ones.  I can even use them for more upbeat Christmas songs like ‘Christmas Bells are Ringing’.

The link to Alison’s site is here:  They’re about halfway down her post with a download link to them.

Thanks so much Alison!

Still waiting with excitement…

for my copy of the new 2012 Outline to arrive.  If you have ever wondered just how long it takes for something like that to travel from the USA to Australia, it has been two months since I ordered it on the day of this post: and it hasn’t arrived as yet.

Perhaps it was shipped by boat and it’s going the scenic route (jokes!…although thinking about it, it was probably shipped by boat).

Thank goodness for the internet, because I have printed out the information I need, including the song for January.  Oh how I love to see it in booklet format though.

Have you gone through and highlighted exciting parts in the new Outline?  Have you read it cover to cover and gotten all excited about the songs for next year?  At this point, I am LOVING the 2012 songs :D

Christmas is a-Comin’

Oh WOW.  Are we at that time of year already?  I LOVE Christmas time, but it is seeming to come around a bit too fast for me this year.

I’m on top of the main things though. Our Primary music! *big grin*

We are learning an item to sing for our Ward Christmas Party next week, and we have been unofficially asked to sing in Sacrament Meeting.  Unofficially, because it is yet to be confirmed.  We don’t have a Ward Music Chairman at present.  We haven’t actually had one called since I did it – perhaps I scared them ;D (jokes!).  So my husband has been asked if he can assist with some musical items.  He thought it would be great for Primary to sing, but I’m the only one he has told.  Hmmm… *raises eyebrow and looks sideways*

Anyways, we’re having some fun learning some gorgeous Christmas songs and doing some fun songs as well.  I am asking the children, the teachers and our Primary Pianist if they have any favourites.

I also have a container with topics (such as “rain”, “pioneers”, “Spring”, “Reverence” etc).  A child of my choosing takes out a topic and tries to come up with a song to go with that topic.  If they can’t think of any then we suggest some and they choose from those suggestions.  It’s a good break from the ‘norm’.

Have you been asked to sing any musical items with your Primary for Christmas?

Primary Teacher Information Night 2005

Do you find you have old notes you jotted down during training sessions or conferences?  I’m not sure why I’ve kept so many, but I dug up some notes I took from a Primary Teacher Information night that we held when I was the Primary Secretary in 2005.

As they’re still relevant for teachers and for use in Sharing/Singing Time, I have included them below.

Sis Shamala Madison said…

Be positive when you teach.  Use positive language when talking to the children such as “happy”.  “I’m happy because you’re being sensible.  Praise them when they are doing the right thing.

Use “I messages…”

“I” messages usually consist of three parts:

  1. letting the child know which behaviours are unacceptable without blaming or judging
  2. letting the child know how the behaviour is affecting others and/or the adult
  3. letting the child know how the adult (or others) are feeling

e.g. “it scared me (adults feeling)

when I see you running inside (what’s happening)

because you may slip over and hurt yourself (the reason)

*these can be used in any order.

“I” messages focus the child’s attention on the consequence of their behaviour without making them feel bad/worse.

Sis Libby Allen provided the following information:-

Check the environment.  Is the lighting good?  Is there too much background noise?  Do a mental check…is everything okay?

Have a positive attitude.  Be cheerful.  Aim to make every lesson be the best one ever.

Be firm, friendly and fair.  Have boundaries.  Be their friend without losing their respect.  Be childlike, not childish.

Pitch the lesson to the right level of the children.

Pay attention to your voice level.  Are you too loud?  Too high pitched?  Too soft?

Use a variety of teaching methods.

Be an example for the children.  Be polite, never sarcastic.

If the children know the boundaries, they will take greater care.

Have class rules.  “Listen to others, treat others with respect, treat Heavenly Father’s house as we should” etc.

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